2020 Wedding Trends

Wood/vintage themed wedding

As we exit the new year and enter into 2020, we can expect to see different wedding dances, color schemes, and traditions start to come out in the prep for the wedding season. Whether in an effort to be more inclusive, to produce a new experience, or to fully celebrate a couple’s love, you will be seeing these top 5 wedding trends in 2020.

1.) Greenery

Trend: A simple white wedding with greenery is a hot trend that is becoming more and more popular. A simple bouquet of white roses surrounded by silver dollar eucalyptus or a green garland laid across a table creates a classic, elegant feel without being overbearing. It allows the couple to be the center of attention.
Implementation: If you love this trend and want to have it at your wedding, look into using Jackson Vine and Baby’s Breath. Both are extremely cost-effective while adding amazing detail to your wedding decor. The Jackson Vine can be used on banisters or archways or around the bases of centerpieces, while Baby’s Breath looks lovely in bouquets and for small detail pieces.

White and green wedding flowers
2.) More Activities than Dancing

Trend: Not everyone is dancer or finds dancing fun. This has shown to be awkward for those who do not enjoy getting their boogie on but who also want to celebrate the love of two people whom they are close to. Hence, this trend is for all those who would rather show their support without doing the electric slide. This is usually done in the form of yard games, the couple participating in the shoe game, or even some table games. However, this trend is growing in the form of bouncy houses, smores over a campfire, and we’ve even had a wedding where we have discussed having a S.M.A.S.H. video game tournament in the corner or their reception hall.
Implementation: Choose something both of you like to do. If that is dancing, then have dancing. If you like video games, see if your venue has a projector screen. If you like a sport, see if you can set up a miniature version up outside. The point is to choose something you both enjoy and that you can do with a large group of your loved ones. It is your wedding day so do something that is special to you, rather than what has been done in the past.

3.) The Reverse Aniversary Dance

Trend: For those couples who do want to dance, but want some help getting their loved ones on the dance floor, the reverse anniversary dance may be just the thing. If you don’t know, the anniversary dance is when everyone who is in a relationship comes onto the floor and dances until the DJ dismisses them by calling out the number of years people have been married. It eventually gets to only the couple who has been together for the longest. The reverse anniversary dance, on the other hand, starts with everyone who is single, dating, or married that day dancing and then adds to the dance floor by the number of years people have been together. They do this until everyone is on the dance floor and then start up the next party song to keep people on the dance floor as long as possible.
Implementation: To do this, talk with your DJ about when they suggest doing this dance and the music tastes of not only you but your friends and family. You will want the next song after the reverse anniversary dance to be extremely popular to keep everyone on the dance floor.

4.) Intimate Weddings

Trend: There are several ways that this trend can be seen. The most popular currently is to have an extremely intimate ceremony of only your closest friends. This usually consists of only 5-25 people who are there to witness your happy moment with no bridal party. This can take away the pressure of a big crowd watching you, and allow the couple to be more vulnerable when becoming wed.
Implementation: Decide who you want to bear witness to the marriage and where the cut off for your invitation list is. Many people only have immediate family such as parents, siblings, and sometimes their grandparents come. Remember, that anyone who isn’t invited to the ceremony can still be invited to celebrate your big day at the reception after.

Salad bar
5.) Broad Menus

Trend: More and more people are becoming aware of their carbon footprint and trying to reduce their impact on the world around them. This is one of the many reasons why there is a rise in vegetarianism and veganism. With this trend, we are seeing more weddings providing more catering options so that everyone can eat freely and have a great time at their event. It is more inclusive to their loved ones and gives a couple the opportunity to provide more variety to their menu.
Implementation: Look for meal options that you would like to eat as well. Many caterers offer a vegetarian lasagna or a salmon option to their menus. They also provide amazing salads that are filling and can be enjoyed by everyone.

These trends add more inclusivity and personality to events while keeping the focus on you. If you are getting married this year, check them out and let us know which trends you are including into your wedding.

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