You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Brooke and friends celebrate moving forward

I love love. It is one of the reasons that I became an event planner. Unfortunately, life sometimes throws us curveballs, and the love we thought we found is, in fact, just a lesson we needed. It is here that we find that true love comes in many forms and not just as a partner but in friends as well. This is exactly what happened to Brooke, who ended up needing to call off her wedding. Though the decision wasn’t easy, and she had already paid a lot of the deposits, they found it was best they go their separate ways.

Hatching a Plan

Brooke and I met for coffee a month or so before her original wedding date, and her story broke my heart. Breakups are hard, and I don’t wish that upon any of my clients. However, I was proud that she had made a decision instead of staying in a relationship they knew wasn’t right. I was determined to get her money’s worth and even if I wasn’t planning her wedding, I would plan a day that she could relax and enjoy with those who cared most about her.

Getting the Vendors on Board

I started by reaching out to the vendors to explain the situation. Though some of the vendors were unable to partake in our back up event reasonably, most were more than willing to use the deposits to provide something on a smaller scale. The makeup and hair stylists, bakery, and photographer all asked for the best way for them to help and create the ultimate girls’ day.

Flower Crazy

On the day of the event, the girls started by getting their hair and makeup done at the Red Stiletto. They then came back to Brooke’s house for a floral activity with Rissa’s Roses. Using small pumpkins, the ladies scooped out the insides and created individual arrangements using different sunflowers, carnations, and daisies.

Letting Go

The women then partook in a plate smashing activity facilitated by Moonlit Designs LLC. I asked them all to write down their most significant stressors, regrets, and things that were generally holding them back. They then took turns explaining their most prominent points of stress on their plate before smashing them to pieces. In the end, they came together to break three plates: shame, regret, and loss. By sharing and breaking the plates together, they were united in their struggles and perseverance to overcome them. Though they will need to continue their work to vanquish their problem is was a perfect metaphor to show that they are not alone in their fight.

To Pretty to Eat Cake

Sassie Cakes used Brooke’s deposit to create a gorgeous macrame cake. There were two tiers, with the top being chocolate and the bottom layer being vanilla. Not only was this cake beautiful but incredibly moist as well. Krysta outdid herself with this one as she came up with the design entirely by herself.

Cats and Friends

We ended the event with a two-hour photoshoot with Tolman Media and her friends. There was a small scare as one of her newer kitties got spooked and ran under her porch. However, Brooke did save Cheddar and still have time to pose with her other fur baby, Jak.

Brooke has got to be one of the strongest women I know, and I was so happy to work with her for better or worse. Her story is one that I will carry with me, and I hope that we gave her a fantastic day to remember through it all.

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