DIY Dollar Tree Holiday Decor

Holiday Dollar Tree Decor

This year hasn’t left one person unscathed from all of its terrors. However, the holiday season is a time to give thanks and be jolly. I know that we can’t all be with our loved ones this year, but we can bring some of the season’s greetings home with these cute and affordable Dollar Tree crafts.

1.) Ornamental Centerpieces – $9

What You Need:
Three Clear Vases
Extra Ornaments
2 Large Snowflake Ornaments
2 Decorative Votive Candles
Holiday Ribbon

Though this is the most expensive item on the list, it is also the easiest to put together, and you can knock another dollar off by skipping the decorative ribbon. I used one large vase and two small wine glasses for my clear vases. Then I took a gold diamond ribbon to glue around the middle of the wine glasses and a red holiday ribbon around the bottom of my largest glass vase. After cutting the ribbon off the two snowflakes, I superglued them to the bottom of the two smaller vases. In each of the small vases, place a candle. Then, fill up the large vase with holiday ornaments. I used some extra ornaments from our holiday décor, but there are tubes of ornaments at the store if you do not have any leftover you want to use. Place the vases on a small side table or in the middle of your dining table and light your way to a bright holiday season. 

2.) Holiday Gnome – $5

What You Need:
One Large Holiday Bulb
One Ornament
One Elf Headband
White Cotton Fabric

Gnomes are adorable and very on-trend this year. Create one of your own this year with an elf headband and a couple of holiday bulbs. Start by taking apart the elf headband. It is a felted material to tear the hat and ears off without too much trouble, but you may want to use a pair of scissors to help you. If the hat seems too lax or empty for you, stuff it with some white cotton fabric. Then place the hat on the top of the large holiday bulb and glue it down. Then take the rest of the white cotton and rip it into smaller parts. If you are having trouble pulling the fabric, try to spread your hands apart. It should rip easily and give the cotton a more hair-like texture. Once you have a fair amount, start gluing the tops of the cotton pieces down by the hat’s base on one side of the bulb. Continue until you have a beard shape you like. Then take the smaller ornament and glue it right under the brim of the hat and in the middle of your beard. Use the rest of the cotton fabric to create a snowy base that you glue so that your gnome will stand upright. Lastly, add the ears from the elf headband to either side of your bulb to create a finished holiday gnome look.

3.) Cheerful Table Décor – $3

What You Need:
One Large Holiday Bulb
One Small Plushie
Small Bundle of Poinsettias

These table décor pieces are absolutely adorable and so easy to make. Start by positioning the plushies on the large holiday bulb. You can have them hug the bulb, sit on top of the bulb, or do whatever your imagination creates. Superglue them to the bulb. Then take the heads of the poinsettias off and glue four of them around the bulb base. I bought a velvet and a plastic bundle so I could add more texture to the design. The flowers will complete the holiday look and help the bulb stand upright.

4.) Holly Jolly Door Hanger – $5

What You Need:
2 Bell Hangers
1 Bell Door Hanger
3 Ornaments
Jeweled Ribbon

This simple door hanger is cute festive, and super easy to put together. Take the bows and gold poinsettias off of the two bells and gold bell door hanger. Lay the bells’ handles and bell hanger on the top of one another with the bell hanger resting in the middle. Arrange the bells to point out to each side and the bells to hang down in the middle. Attach each of the bows and the gold poinsettias to the three handles to secure them together. Then take three strands of ribbon and attach the end of each ribbon to one extra ornament. I took the diamond wrap ribbon and separated each of the rows from each other. Then connect one strand through each bell through the top and the extra ribbon strand to the bottom part of the bell door handle.

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