We Prefer Palentine’s Day Over Valentine’s Day

Xs and Os

It is hard to believe it is already the second week of February. That means that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. However, this isn’t just a day for couples and romantics. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all kinds of love, including the love of our Pals’. What better way to celebrate than with a Palentine’s Day brunch.

A Palentine’s Day Brunch

There is no better way to do a brunch with the pals than with fresh fruit and mimosas. We opted for fancy, holiday-appropriate wine glasses for this sweet drink by combining peach wine and fresh orange juice. The wine glasses are only a dollar from your local dollar tree and double as party favors for your guests. That didn’t mean we forgot the champagne flutes. Instead, we filled them with layers of strawberry yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, and granola. We completed the meal with waffles and crispy bacon.

Decor for the Pals

The fun doesn’t stop with the food; of course, there has to be matching decor. We focused on creating a custom made cloud light fixture adorned with little black hearts. Using three similar vases, we set up a small table centerpiece. The tallest vase had mints, while the smaller ones had chocolates and flowers. These coordinated pieces created a focal point while taking full advantage of Valentine’s Day colors. Then we accented the centerpiece with pink Xs and Os and red balloon weights.

We also decorated an accent table with a glittered red candle using a flat snowflake ornament as a coaster. Then we set small red tea lights around it to give the table a more festive look. We finished the decor with a balloon arch that split the dining room and living room from each other. We adorned the balloon arch with streamers and metallic lip balloons.

Photobooth Time

The balloon arch wasn’t the only place for balloons. We also created a photo booth area to take some fun group pictures. We made the perfect backdrop with a red and lighted heart cutout and outlined it with two separate balloon garlands. Adding a small bench with a full pink skirt gave more dimension to the photos and allowed more people to be in a picture comfortably. Guests can choose their props from a large vase located near the booth’s side, or they can pose with their mimosa drinks from the earlier brunch.

In our opinion, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the ones you love and eating chocolate. This celebration doesn’t just include your romantic partners but your pals too. With mimosa’s, breakfast food, and good company sounds like the perfect Palentine’s Day to us! 


If you are going to get together with friends or family, please do so as safely as possible. We recommend that if you are going to get together, keep it to only a couple of people you trust. Try quarantining before and after you hang out with others outside your quarantine circle to reduce the spread of any unknown germs to those with weaker immune systems. 

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