We Prefer Palentine’s Day Over Valentine’s Day

It is hard to believe it is already the second week of February. That means that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. However, this isn’t just a day for couples and romantics. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all kinds of love, including the love of our Pals’. What better way to celebrate than with a Palentine’sContinue reading “We Prefer Palentine’s Day Over Valentine’s Day”

How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

You have decided to pop the question. Now, where do you go from there? From deciding what ring to purchase to creating the perfect time to get down on one knee, there are just too many options to consider. Luckily, these are our top 5 tips on how to make any proposal absolutely memorable. 1.)Continue reading “How to Plan the Perfect Proposal”

DIY Dollar Tree Holiday Decor

This year hasn’t left one person unscathed from all of its terrors. However, the holiday season is a time to give thanks and be jolly. I know that we can’t all be with our loved ones this year, but we can bring some of the season’s greetings home with these cute and affordable Dollar TreeContinue reading “DIY Dollar Tree Holiday Decor”

Jamie and David’s 2020 Wedding

Safety has been one of the biggest trends during 2020. With the state opening and closing and continually changing the protocols for different events, it has been one stressful and tiring year. However, that didn’t stop Jamie and David from creating their perfect day full of love and celebration for themselves and their guests.  JamieContinue reading “Jamie and David’s 2020 Wedding”

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

I love love. It is one of the reasons that I became an event planner. Unfortunately, life sometimes throws us curveballs, and the love we thought we found is, in fact, just a lesson we needed. It is here that we find that true love comes in many forms and not just as a partnerContinue reading “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”