Make Your Wedding Dress Fit You!

Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. You get to have a huge party with all your loved ones, dress up in your absolute best, and feel like a star. Your wedding is a day of excitement, but with that excitement can pressure. With all eyes on you, there is pressure to look a certain way, which may make you self-conscious and stressed about not meeting others’ expectations. However, the only expectation that matters is your own, and trust me when I say you are perfect and more than enough as you are. In honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, here are some tips and tricks on how to keep your confidence high and your health in check.

Note: This blog is not a replacement for seeking help if you suffer from an eating disorder. If feel that you may have an eating disorder, please call 1-317-251-7575 or text “NEDA” to 741-741. You are not alone, and you deserve to live a full and healthy life. 

Happy couple with sweet kiss on the cheek

Buy a Wedding Ensemble Made for Your Current Body 

When it comes to your wedding day, many couples and even their bridal party obsess over their wedding ensembles. Be it a dress, pantsuit, or the perfect tux, they want their outfit to exude their personality and style. While buying a wedding day outfit that matches you these is important, it must also complement your current body. Too often, I see people get a dress or a tux for how they think they will look if they lose enough weight or they build up more muscle. They buy an outfit and then try to alter themselves to fit it. Many couples see it as their motivation to drastically change their bodies, which can lead to unhealthy decisions and disappointment on your actual wedding day. Instead, find an ensemble that makes you feel as beautiful as you are now. If you are still convinced your body will change by the time you get married, there are a few things you can look for in an ensemble.

Look for a Corset Back Dress

This tip is specifically for those looking to buy a wedding dress. If you struggle with a constant fluctuation in your weight or are concerned about gaining or losing weight before your big day, a corset back may decrease your stress. A corset back allows your body to change as the laces can be tightened or loosened to adjust to your specific body type. If your dress is strapless or off the shoulder, the corset back also provides support that keeps the dress up and secure. You may be able to find different adjustment options for jumpsuits and tuxes as well. These options can include adjustable belts and waistcoat buckles. They can be loosened or tightened depending on your fashion needs.

Know and Understand Your Insecurities 

Insecurities suck. They just do. The only bright side to them is that everyone has them so at least you know you are not alone. Don’t make yourself even more insecure by wearing something that puts everything you dislike on display. Find an outfit that instead highlights your favorite aspects about yourself and grows your confidence.

I am currently in the process of getting my own dress tailored to me. I am wearing my mother’s dress and let’s just say I fit it perfectly when I was 16. A lot has changed since then. It is also strapless, which is a huge concern for me, as I don’t like having my arms on display. They are my least favorite feature about myself and it doesn’t matter what anyone else says, I don’t like them. So, the amazing Asu from Bridal Designs and Alterations by Asu is putting sleeves on the dress for me. I know my insecurity, and I know I will hate my pictures if I wear a dress that puts my arms on display. I am changing my dress to fit me and make sure I feel beautiful instead of changing my body to fit the dress.

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Change Your Language

Let’s be honest, we can be downright awful to ourselves. Our inner voice is probably the loudest and meanest when it comes to insults and knowing just what to say to break down our confidence. And you can’t necessarily stop it. The more you try, the more those thoughts will fill your head. Instead, let the thought happen and then add to it. For example, if you start to think I am chubby or my arms are flabby, continue the thought with, AND I am still beautiful. Too many times, we try to tell others and ourselves, “No, you aren’t fat. You are beautiful.” The two are not mutually exclusive. And when someone says you aren’t, it can come off as disingenuous. Don’t be afraid of the word fat, and if you can’t get past the negative connotations, change out the word with curvy, thicker than a snicker, or phat with a ph. 

This principle goes for those who feel they are too skinny as well. You don’t need to eat another burger or get some meat on those bones, because you are perfect the way you are. You are thin, and you are beautiful. If you also have too much of a negative connotation to the words skinny or thin, try instead changing it to slim, lean and mean, or graceful. Do whatever you can to make even the most negative language in your head, take a positive turn.

Purple Light Wedding

Focus on What You Do Like 

Find one or two features that you have and block out everything else. It can be a feature as simple as a dimple when you smile, your hair texture, your long or short waist, your athletic build, or anything you like about yourself, connect with it and focus on those parts of yourself. They are all that matter in those moments when you are down. 

This tip is what works best for me. When all else fails, I ignore the negative and focus on the positive like my blue eyes or the freckles on my cheeks. When I hate everything else looking back at me in the mirror, I focus solely on those two features. This trick allows me to slowly build back my confidence again.

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Get Help if You Need it

Having a wedding is an exciting time in your life, but it can come with a lot of pressure from society, in-laws, and even yourself to act and look a certain way. These pressures can lead to unhealthy habits that can have lifelong effects. If you develop an eating disorder, please get help by calling the Eating Disorder Hotline. You are not alone, and you deserve to see yourself as absolutely beautiful no matter what your size is.  

We Prefer Palentine’s Day Over Valentine’s Day

It is hard to believe it is already the second week of February. That means that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. However, this isn’t just a day for couples and romantics. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all kinds of love, including the love of our Pals’. What better way to celebrate than with a Palentine’s Day brunch.

A Palentine’s Day Brunch

There is no better way to do a brunch with the pals than with fresh fruit and mimosas. We opted for fancy, holiday-appropriate wine glasses for this sweet drink by combining peach wine and fresh orange juice. The wine glasses are only a dollar from your local dollar tree and double as party favors for your guests. That didn’t mean we forgot the champagne flutes. Instead, we filled them with layers of strawberry yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, and granola. We completed the meal with waffles and crispy bacon.

Decor for the Pals

The fun doesn’t stop with the food; of course, there has to be matching decor. We focused on creating a custom made cloud light fixture adorned with little black hearts. Using three similar vases, we set up a small table centerpiece. The tallest vase had mints, while the smaller ones had chocolates and flowers. These coordinated pieces created a focal point while taking full advantage of Valentine’s Day colors. Then we accented the centerpiece with pink Xs and Os and red balloon weights.

We also decorated an accent table with a glittered red candle using a flat snowflake ornament as a coaster. Then we set small red tea lights around it to give the table a more festive look. We finished the decor with a balloon arch that split the dining room and living room from each other. We adorned the balloon arch with streamers and metallic lip balloons.

Photobooth Time

The balloon arch wasn’t the only place for balloons. We also created a photo booth area to take some fun group pictures. We made the perfect backdrop with a red and lighted heart cutout and outlined it with two separate balloon garlands. Adding a small bench with a full pink skirt gave more dimension to the photos and allowed more people to be in a picture comfortably. Guests can choose their props from a large vase located near the booth’s side, or they can pose with their mimosa drinks from the earlier brunch.

In our opinion, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the ones you love and eating chocolate. This celebration doesn’t just include your romantic partners but your pals too. With mimosa’s, breakfast food, and good company sounds like the perfect Palentine’s Day to us! 


If you are going to get together with friends or family, please do so as safely as possible. We recommend that if you are going to get together, keep it to only a couple of people you trust. Try quarantining before and after you hang out with others outside your quarantine circle to reduce the spread of any unknown germs to those with weaker immune systems. 

How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

You have decided to pop the question. Now, where do you go from there? From deciding what ring to purchase to creating the perfect time to get down on one knee, there are just too many options to consider. Luckily, these are our top 5 tips on how to make any proposal absolutely memorable.

1.) Outsource the Engagement Ring

Most proposals start with the purchase of a ring. This in itself can be a monumental task. Do you go with a gold or a silver band? What kind of diamond should you get? Is there something less traditional you could do? Don’t get bogged down with questions. Instead, do a small investigation. First, look to see what jewelry your significant other currently wears. Do their necklaces or earrings usually have gold, rose gold, or silver in them? If they do, then try a band that matches their current style.
You can also see if they have a Pinterest board. Many of the couples I work with have been dreaming of their wedding for years. Pinterest is a fantastic way to organize all of their dreams in one place. See if they have a wedding board or even a jewelry board. You may find an assortment of engagement rings pre-picked. If they don’t have a Pinterest account, ask a trusted friend or family member if your partner has ever described or pointed out a specific ring. You’ll be able to find their perfect ring without spoiling the surprise.

2.)Proposal Nails Matter

Once you have a ring, you will want to make sure your partner’s hand is ready to wear it. This does not mean you need to send them off for a big spa day, though it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t. But make sure that their hands and nails look healthy and clean. Nag them or have friends nag them about chipped nail polish or offer them a lovely hand massage with lotion. Anything to keep their hands looking and feeling healthy and smooth. Why is it so important? Everyone, and I mean everyone, will be asking to see the ring and take pictures of their hand with the ring. So do them a favor, and keep those hands in tip-top shape.

3.)Capture the Moment

Speaking of taking pictures of their hands with the ring, hire a photographer to capture the moment your significant other says yes. When you are getting ready to go down on one knee, the adrenaline starts pumping and it can feel like a whirlwind of emotions. The moment can pass by in a blur. By hiring a photographer, you can relive the memory and remember every detail in perfect clarity.

4.)Consider a Coordinator

As I said before, your adrenaline is going to be pumping. Take off some of the pressure to make everything perfect by hiring a coordinator. We will help you develop ideas, coordinate times with photographers and venues, decorate, and manage anything that comes up unexpectedly. Some of us even have brand new proposal packages that include photographers like Catlin Humes, Chantel VanDriessche, or Valerie Joy and a congratulatory basket with gifts from vendors like Mo’s Cupcakes and Endless Sweets, TNT Floral Shop, Rissa’s Roses, and more (pardon my unchecked sales pitch)! A coordinator acts as your secret weapon to make everything go as you planned so you can relax and focus on what and who truly matters.

5.)Make it Personal

Above all else, no matter what ring you pick or who you decide to hire or not hire, the best advice I can give to you is to make it personal. Whether you choose to do a big grand gesture or something small and intimate, make your proposal unique to them and your relationship. That’s what makes it special. That’s what makes it a perfect proposal.

DIY Dollar Tree Holiday Decor

This year hasn’t left one person unscathed from all of its terrors. However, the holiday season is a time to give thanks and be jolly. I know that we can’t all be with our loved ones this year, but we can bring some of the season’s greetings home with these cute and affordable Dollar Tree crafts.

1.) Ornamental Centerpieces – $9

What You Need:
Three Clear Vases
Extra Ornaments
2 Large Snowflake Ornaments
2 Decorative Votive Candles
Holiday Ribbon

Though this is the most expensive item on the list, it is also the easiest to put together, and you can knock another dollar off by skipping the decorative ribbon. I used one large vase and two small wine glasses for my clear vases. Then I took a gold diamond ribbon to glue around the middle of the wine glasses and a red holiday ribbon around the bottom of my largest glass vase. After cutting the ribbon off the two snowflakes, I superglued them to the bottom of the two smaller vases. In each of the small vases, place a candle. Then, fill up the large vase with holiday ornaments. I used some extra ornaments from our holiday décor, but there are tubes of ornaments at the store if you do not have any leftover you want to use. Place the vases on a small side table or in the middle of your dining table and light your way to a bright holiday season. 

2.) Holiday Gnome – $5

What You Need:
One Large Holiday Bulb
One Ornament
One Elf Headband
White Cotton Fabric

Gnomes are adorable and very on-trend this year. Create one of your own this year with an elf headband and a couple of holiday bulbs. Start by taking apart the elf headband. It is a felted material to tear the hat and ears off without too much trouble, but you may want to use a pair of scissors to help you. If the hat seems too lax or empty for you, stuff it with some white cotton fabric. Then place the hat on the top of the large holiday bulb and glue it down. Then take the rest of the white cotton and rip it into smaller parts. If you are having trouble pulling the fabric, try to spread your hands apart. It should rip easily and give the cotton a more hair-like texture. Once you have a fair amount, start gluing the tops of the cotton pieces down by the hat’s base on one side of the bulb. Continue until you have a beard shape you like. Then take the smaller ornament and glue it right under the brim of the hat and in the middle of your beard. Use the rest of the cotton fabric to create a snowy base that you glue so that your gnome will stand upright. Lastly, add the ears from the elf headband to either side of your bulb to create a finished holiday gnome look.

3.) Cheerful Table Décor – $3

What You Need:
One Large Holiday Bulb
One Small Plushie
Small Bundle of Poinsettias

These table décor pieces are absolutely adorable and so easy to make. Start by positioning the plushies on the large holiday bulb. You can have them hug the bulb, sit on top of the bulb, or do whatever your imagination creates. Superglue them to the bulb. Then take the heads of the poinsettias off and glue four of them around the bulb base. I bought a velvet and a plastic bundle so I could add more texture to the design. The flowers will complete the holiday look and help the bulb stand upright.

4.) Holly Jolly Door Hanger – $5

What You Need:
2 Bell Hangers
1 Bell Door Hanger
3 Ornaments
Jeweled Ribbon

This simple door hanger is cute festive, and super easy to put together. Take the bows and gold poinsettias off of the two bells and gold bell door hanger. Lay the bells’ handles and bell hanger on the top of one another with the bell hanger resting in the middle. Arrange the bells to point out to each side and the bells to hang down in the middle. Attach each of the bows and the gold poinsettias to the three handles to secure them together. Then take three strands of ribbon and attach the end of each ribbon to one extra ornament. I took the diamond wrap ribbon and separated each of the rows from each other. Then connect one strand through each bell through the top and the extra ribbon strand to the bottom part of the bell door handle.

Jamie and David’s 2020 Wedding

Safety has been one of the biggest trends during 2020. With the state opening and closing and continually changing the protocols for different events, it has been one stressful and tiring year. However, that didn’t stop Jamie and David from creating their perfect day full of love and celebration for themselves and their guests. 

Jamie and David wanted a wedding that genuinely represented their different lives coming together to be one. Their wedding colors were each of their favorite colors, purple and teal. Jamie’s bouquet was made of paper flowers constructed from a manga of their favorite video game, Persona 5. Instead of guest clinking their glasses together to see the happy couple kiss, they rolled a 20-sided DnD die to see if they would kiss or the guest had to do a specific activity. No detail was too small to make sure that Jamie and David had a wedding that was 100% uniquely theirs. 

The ceremony took place at Morsches Park in Columbia City in front of a pond. The pond was a perfect match to their teal wedding color and made for a gorgeous backdrop to their small intimate ceremony of about 30 of their closest friends and family. A close friend, Sam Pray, officiated and closed the event with a paint ceremony. The happy couple then took an hour or so break back at their house to celebrate with their bridal party before heading to their reception at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. 

The reception brought out all the stops with the same sparkle and bright coloring as the ceremony. A purple drip cutting cake was set upon the head table with three teal macaroons from For Goodness Cakes. Every table was adorned with a teal or purple runner on a black table cloth. The centerpieces were rotated between a tall empire vase with a feathered focal point or a silver charger with two small vases filled with water beads. 

The most impressive part of Jamie and Hoot’s wedding came from the safety precautions taken. Each table was socially distanced and seated six people rather than the traditional eight. They also required and enforced that masks be worn the entire time except for eating. They even provided small colored clothespins to determine the comfort level of different guests. If you wore green clothespins, you were okay with hugs and touching, while a blue pin meant you were only comfortable talking. The precautions made it, so those at a higher risk felt comfortable coming to celebrate Jamie and David’s love and union. 

Jamie and David care so much for those around them, and it is obvious they are completely and totally in love with one another. I look forward to seeing how they continue to grow together. 

Special thanks to Catlin Humes Photography for all the beautiful pictures!

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

I love love. It is one of the reasons that I became an event planner. Unfortunately, life sometimes throws us curveballs, and the love we thought we found is, in fact, just a lesson we needed. It is here that we find that true love comes in many forms and not just as a partner but in friends as well. This is exactly what happened to Brooke, who ended up needing to call off her wedding. Though the decision wasn’t easy, and she had already paid a lot of the deposits, they found it was best they go their separate ways.

Hatching a Plan

Brooke and I met for coffee a month or so before her original wedding date, and her story broke my heart. Breakups are hard, and I don’t wish that upon any of my clients. However, I was proud that she had made a decision instead of staying in a relationship they knew wasn’t right. I was determined to get her money’s worth and even if I wasn’t planning her wedding, I would plan a day that she could relax and enjoy with those who cared most about her.

Getting the Vendors on Board

I started by reaching out to the vendors to explain the situation. Though some of the vendors were unable to partake in our back up event reasonably, most were more than willing to use the deposits to provide something on a smaller scale. The makeup and hair stylists, bakery, and photographer all asked for the best way for them to help and create the ultimate girls’ day.

Flower Crazy

On the day of the event, the girls started by getting their hair and makeup done at the Red Stiletto. They then came back to Brooke’s house for a floral activity with Rissa’s Roses. Using small pumpkins, the ladies scooped out the insides and created individual arrangements using different sunflowers, carnations, and daisies.

Letting Go

The women then partook in a plate smashing activity facilitated by Moonlit Designs LLC. I asked them all to write down their most significant stressors, regrets, and things that were generally holding them back. They then took turns explaining their most prominent points of stress on their plate before smashing them to pieces. In the end, they came together to break three plates: shame, regret, and loss. By sharing and breaking the plates together, they were united in their struggles and perseverance to overcome them. Though they will need to continue their work to vanquish their problem is was a perfect metaphor to show that they are not alone in their fight.

To Pretty to Eat Cake

Sassie Cakes used Brooke’s deposit to create a gorgeous macrame cake. There were two tiers, with the top being chocolate and the bottom layer being vanilla. Not only was this cake beautiful but incredibly moist as well. Krysta outdid herself with this one as she came up with the design entirely by herself.

Cats and Friends

We ended the event with a two-hour photoshoot with Tolman Media and her friends. There was a small scare as one of her newer kitties got spooked and ran under her porch. However, Brooke did save Cheddar and still have time to pose with her other fur baby, Jak.

Brooke has got to be one of the strongest women I know, and I was so happy to work with her for better or worse. Her story is one that I will carry with me, and I hope that we gave her a fantastic day to remember through it all.

2020 Wedding Trends

As we exit the new year and enter into 2020, we can expect to see different wedding dances, color schemes, and traditions start to come out in the prep for the wedding season. Whether in an effort to be more inclusive, to produce a new experience, or to fully celebrate a couple’s love, you will be seeing these top 5 wedding trends in 2020.

1.) Greenery

Trend: A simple white wedding with greenery is a hot trend that is becoming more and more popular. A simple bouquet of white roses surrounded by silver dollar eucalyptus or a green garland laid across a table creates a classic, elegant feel without being overbearing. It allows the couple to be the center of attention.
Implementation: If you love this trend and want to have it at your wedding, look into using Jackson Vine and Baby’s Breath. Both are extremely cost-effective while adding amazing detail to your wedding decor. The Jackson Vine can be used on banisters or archways or around the bases of centerpieces, while Baby’s Breath looks lovely in bouquets and for small detail pieces.

White and green wedding flowers
2.) More Activities than Dancing

Trend: Not everyone is dancer or finds dancing fun. This has shown to be awkward for those who do not enjoy getting their boogie on but who also want to celebrate the love of two people whom they are close to. Hence, this trend is for all those who would rather show their support without doing the electric slide. This is usually done in the form of yard games, the couple participating in the shoe game, or even some table games. However, this trend is growing in the form of bouncy houses, smores over a campfire, and we’ve even had a wedding where we have discussed having a S.M.A.S.H. video game tournament in the corner or their reception hall.
Implementation: Choose something both of you like to do. If that is dancing, then have dancing. If you like video games, see if your venue has a projector screen. If you like a sport, see if you can set up a miniature version up outside. The point is to choose something you both enjoy and that you can do with a large group of your loved ones. It is your wedding day so do something that is special to you, rather than what has been done in the past.

3.) The Reverse Aniversary Dance

Trend: For those couples who do want to dance, but want some help getting their loved ones on the dance floor, the reverse anniversary dance may be just the thing. If you don’t know, the anniversary dance is when everyone who is in a relationship comes onto the floor and dances until the DJ dismisses them by calling out the number of years people have been married. It eventually gets to only the couple who has been together for the longest. The reverse anniversary dance, on the other hand, starts with everyone who is single, dating, or married that day dancing and then adds to the dance floor by the number of years people have been together. They do this until everyone is on the dance floor and then start up the next party song to keep people on the dance floor as long as possible.
Implementation: To do this, talk with your DJ about when they suggest doing this dance and the music tastes of not only you but your friends and family. You will want the next song after the reverse anniversary dance to be extremely popular to keep everyone on the dance floor.

4.) Intimate Weddings

Trend: There are several ways that this trend can be seen. The most popular currently is to have an extremely intimate ceremony of only your closest friends. This usually consists of only 5-25 people who are there to witness your happy moment with no bridal party. This can take away the pressure of a big crowd watching you, and allow the couple to be more vulnerable when becoming wed.
Implementation: Decide who you want to bear witness to the marriage and where the cut off for your invitation list is. Many people only have immediate family such as parents, siblings, and sometimes their grandparents come. Remember, that anyone who isn’t invited to the ceremony can still be invited to celebrate your big day at the reception after.

Salad bar
5.) Broad Menus

Trend: More and more people are becoming aware of their carbon footprint and trying to reduce their impact on the world around them. This is one of the many reasons why there is a rise in vegetarianism and veganism. With this trend, we are seeing more weddings providing more catering options so that everyone can eat freely and have a great time at their event. It is more inclusive to their loved ones and gives a couple the opportunity to provide more variety to their menu.
Implementation: Look for meal options that you would like to eat as well. Many caterers offer a vegetarian lasagna or a salmon option to their menus. They also provide amazing salads that are filling and can be enjoyed by everyone.

These trends add more inclusivity and personality to events while keeping the focus on you. If you are getting married this year, check them out and let us know which trends you are including into your wedding.